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EVANESCENCE 1 2023 50x50cm.jpeg
EVANESCENCE 1 2023 50x50cm.JPG


This new series belongs to the expressionist and minimalist movement.
The expression of a new minimalist style, where texture remains very present.
A construction using mortars and mediums and structural materials, such as sand or gold leaf, with minimalist and subtle nuances where white is in the spotlight.
The artistic message of this series carries lightness, simplicity and evokes the subtleties of the soul.

EVANESCENCE 1,2,3,4,5.
Made with extra-fine acrylic on canvas as a working base, texture and sometimes use of real gold leaf

EVANESCENCE 1 2023 50x50cm.jpg


2023 50x50cm/19,6x19,6In


2023 20x20cm7,8x7,8In

EVANESCENCE 2 2023 20x20cm.jpg
EVANESCENCE 3 2023 20x20cm.jpg


2023 20x20cm/7,8x7,8In


2023 20x20cm/7,8x7,8In

EVANESCENCE 4 2023 20x20cmpng.jpg
EVANESCENCE #5 2023 50x50In


2023 50x50cm/19,6x19,6In


2023 80x80cm/31,5x31,5In

EVANESCENCE #7 2023 80x80cm/31.4x31.4 In Acrylic on canvas
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