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Marie Anne Decamp, contemporary painter and artist, is part of the abstract expressionist movement.
Awarded for her art at the Borghese Palace, Florence Italy, on January 21, 2023, the artist Marie Anne Decamp wishes to convey a deep message of Love, freedom, peace and spirituality.

An emerging French artist, she has participated in more than 35 art exhibitions, locally in Paris and the Paris region, but also internationally, including Milan, Genoa, Venice, Alicante, Madrid, Venice, Laguna Beach, Los Angeles, New York. and Miami...


Texturated, refined, sometimes noticeably raw, each work is original and unique. Marie Anne Decamp started her main collection THE BLOCKSERIE five years ago, a large contemporary expressionist collection, abstract, evolving through time, experience and inspiration.


Touch of Heaven  2023

International Art Gallery

Ave de Suffren - Paris 15

Wall Painting France

Born in the seventies, a period, particularly appreciated by the artist, for the freedom of creativity that it symbolizes, a unique atmosphere, which she could still perceive in the nineties, during numerous extended stays in southern California.
Marie Anne Decamp began studying law-English in college, where it became clear that she had a different calling. She then undertook her first extended stay in San Diego, California. Living with the local community for many months positively transformed her thinking, hier way of life, and her outlook on the world.
An art school project in Paris then faded, because the thirst to discover other parts and cultures of the world had become stronger and took her as far as New Zealand, Australia, to participate to environmental volunteering long experience, studying New Zealand forests.
At the same time, through time, experience and discovery, the artist has forged her self-taught artistic practice through the exploration of numerous techniques, styles and mediums (pastels, visual art, oil, acrylic, watercolor, collages, abstract, figurative…).

Currently living in her hometown, Chambly, located north of Paris, in Picardy, Marie Anne Decamp created her own art studio to fully immerse herself in creation.
A full-time artist since 2019, she participates in numerous local French art exhibitions in Val-d'Oise, Oise, Paris, Europe and the United States.  Encouraged by great sales and appreciation of her art, she is taking her first European steps with Milan and Genoa, Italy, in 2021, as well as in Spain in Alicante, followed by the prestigious city of Venice.

2022 will have been a great year, notably taking this French artist to Miami, during the famous Miami ArtWeek as well as an exhibition in Laguna Beach, California, preceded in particular by a representation at the famous Parisian contemporary fair Art3f, as well as Madrid, in a gallery d'art, and again Paris, in an art gallery... 2023 will bring her artistic work, notably to Los Angeles L.A. Artshow, as well as 2024. The term qualifying Marie Anne Decamp as an emerging artist is now a reality, her inspiration infinite , its aspirations international.


The art of Marie Anne Decamp is mostly abstract, sometimes figurative, always contemporary, urban, yet nature-inspired, wild and refined, with a strong sens of spirituality, in an artistic universe combining authenticity, personal vision, contextuality and aesthetics.
The BlockSerie collection is a lyrical abstraction with a geometrical character withquite bright colors and textured painting.
The paintings show a beautiful mineral texture. The artist uses acrylics, mortars and various mediums, gold leaf... The artist works with painting knives, spatulas, brushes...on a fairly large canvas.
The artist's message of Love, Freedom, Peace and Spirituality is an invitation to contemplation, introspection and the experience of life's journey in a unique contemporary context of abstract expressionism.
Life, Love & Rock remains his leitmotif.

Marie Anne Decamp.jpg
Poster RED DOT MIAMI.jpeg

The “ideological denunciation” of this female artist-painter mainly revolves around
of three points:
The demand for a “better” world thanks to the values of Love, freedom and peace.
A “spirituality”, symbolic in her work, through the search for aesthetics as well as a certain inner  artistic beauty, effective in the artist unique  representations, sometimes also with a positively denouncing aspect.
Such as the denunciation of the current societal context, which tends to “robotize” itself to the detriment
of the quality, sincerity and integrity of our human relations, signified by an aspect geometric and
binary of certain works.
The lyrical aspect adds flexibility, which symbolizes the need to remain free, supported by the fact that certain works invite the visitor's "imaginative" gaze to extend beyond the painting.
Beyond the limits of the canvas.

Candy Shop Black light effect.jpg
Photo by Alexandre Chambon.jpeg

photo credit Alexandre Chambon



2021, 2022, 2023 have allowed  the artist Marie Anne Decamp to rise in terms of recognition and evolution of her art. Contacted by many art curators, she has the opportunity to be represented in Europe and beyond, as well as on an excellent website.
Self-taught artistconfirmed, her objectives are excellence, simplicity and authenticity in her art without forgetting fun!

She invites you to contemplation, reflection and introspection regarding her unique works and is also involved in the creation of extraordinary NFTs, presented on the specialized site OpenSea, by the Parisian and international gallery , Bruno Massa, as well as in the metaverse.

2023 will have inaugurated its participation in the famous LA ARTSHOW, Los Angeles California, and 2024 is continuing this movement towards an international career,  thanks to the ARTIFACTPROJECTS gallery in Manhattan, NEW YORK city, USA, preceded notably of her artistic award in Florence Italy, as well as the finalization of the ORIGIN series, a representation in Switzerland, during the ART BASEL art week or again the creation of a unique big size work!

The Italian gallery ROSSOCINABRO in ROME is also included on the artist's journey, during the ROME ART WEEK 2023... as well as a first participation in the European Heritage Days, on September 17, 2023, at the workshop.

A resolutely active and inspired artist who plans to present her work in the famous VOGUE magazine, Manhattan edition, April 2024.

...Keeping in mind the new series being produced "The Rock and Love Collection' by M.A.D !

“Art, creation, is the manifestation of the divine in man.
Pursuit of Purity »

Yves Saint Laurent.

A percentage of sales is donated to charity.

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